Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

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Santa's Coming to Town!

Merry Christmas Eve! We have two excited little ones, even though they don't really understand what is going on. Will is starting to get it--he knows that Santa might bring him some cars and a train, but that's about it. :) We have had a fun day that started with cinnamon rolls, and ended with a candle light service at church (post to come later). As for now....Santa is on his way, so goodnight!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Fun with GJ & Popa

Since we aren't going to Little Rock until after Christmas day, my parents decided to make a quick trip to Dallas to celebrate the season--we had so much fun! The highlight was a day at Northpark mall. We saw a puppet show, experienced the wonderful Trains exhibit, marveled at all the beautiful decorations, and we even had lunch at our favorite spot--Chick-fil-A!
Will was captivated by the puppet show--I'm pretty sure it was the first one he's ever seen!

Our view from the 2nd story

The crew


What an amazing exhibit! Will was in heaven. He probably would have stayed there all day if I let him.

They even had a snow village set up down low for Caroline! (Looks like she is going to have some curls like her brother!)

Sweet brother & sister...
We always have so much fun when GJ & Popa come to visit--we can't wait to see them in just a few days!!

'Tis The Season!

The month of December has flown by, and we have had so much fun celebrating the holidays! From seeing the Trains at Northpark with GJ & Popa, to looking at christmas lights with the Gregg family, we have enjoyed the Christmas season. I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve! We have some excited kiddos around here--even if they don't quite understand what's going on! :)

Here's a look at what we've been up to...
After we decorated our big tree, I thought it would be fun to make a tree for Caroline & Will! They loved it--and I also used it for my therapy sessions!
Caroline mostly supervised... :)
So proud!
The finished product!  :)
We continued our tradition of looking at christmas lights with the Greggs
Sorry for the iPhone pics--my phone isn't the latest/greatest (as you can tell! Ha!)
And, it was pitch black dark when I snapped these! :)
But, we saw some spectacular lights this year!
Will has loved using the Christmas Village as the perfect place to play cars...
And Caroline has discovered her love for Popa's rocking chair! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that she doesn't fall and hurt herself--she's quite the little daredevil! 
We have only had a couple of cold nights, but we have taken advantage of them by building a fire...
Will was an awesome helper with Daddy, and he was mesmerized by it!
Will has also discovered a love for playing the drums--his Uncle Ron & Uncle Steve would be proud! :)
Last Sunday, we ate at Matt's old Corner Bakery after church and had fun playing on the huge presents/ornament display!

Will made his stage debut with a performance of "Joy to The World" at his preschool's Christmas party. He did great! I was surprised there were NO tears--he jumped right on stage with no hesitation when it was his turn. We were so proud! I think his buddy, Tyler, (to Will's right) gave him a little courage! :)
Caroline was more interested in exploring than watching the program.  :)
And last but not least, Will & I have been baking up a storm! 
He loved making Christmas cookies for friends and Santa
M&M cookies are our favorites!
I caught you! Sneaking M&Ms! :)
Waiting patiently for the cookies to bake... 
Taste test time!
They were both big fans! :)
We even decorated some sugar cookies 
The final product!
My Sous Chef!
More Christmas posts to come...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

We have a tradition of getting our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and this year, it was a success!! Mimi was able to join the adventure again, and we had so much fun! It was much easier this year than last year--the weather was perfect and the kiddos were happy (most of the time!). Family pictures are still a challenge (Will isn't a fan of the camera), and we tried to talk him into going on the hay ride (he wasn't buying it), but other than that...it was a success! I love that we have a family tradition of getting a real tree--what a fun way to kick off the holiday season!  :)
Excited to get the tree!

Searching for the right one...

I promise she had fun--she's still mesmerized by the camera. :)

Will loved the petting zoo--especially the baby goat and the baby bunny rabbit

Cheering us on! Goooo Christmas Tree!!  :)

You can play cars anywhere--even at a Christmas tree farm.

Told ya she had fun--she just needed her daddy. :)

Hooray for Mimi! And she played Christmas music the entire time to make it even more festive! :)

Daddy's girl

Family photo time--one with Caroline looking...

And one with Will looking!  :)

We love Mimi!!

Playing cars while Daddy loaded up the tree

Will helped us decorate for the first time! He loved it!  
Putting on the finishing touches

The finished product! Will has perfected the "one finger" rule.  :)
Merry Christmas!!