Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family Fun!

Since Matt has an unconventional work schedule, our "family days" (like a typical family's "Saturdays") vary from week-to-week. One of the costs of being able to work only part-time (instead of full-time) is that Matt uses one of his days off each week to watch the kids while I go to work. That way, we only have to pay for child-care for 2 days (instead of all 3 of my work days). Which means, that we only get one "family day" a week (instead of typical family's two--saturday/sunday). All that said, we really try to make it count on our "family days" since we only have one a week. Typically, we will take advantage of our memberships to the zoo/arboretum/Perot museum, or we will have a family breakfast at Matt's restaurant. Whatever we do, we always have lots of fun! :)
Picnic at the Arboretum!

He's not a huge fan of having his photo taken these days  :)

She is much more cooperative!
We're trying to teach her that a lady doesn't do this, but it's hard to resist that face!

Stopping to smell the flowers...

Blue Truck goes with us, wherever we go these days
What real life is like with 2 toddlers--they literally climb on everything! 

My best attempt at holding them both for a photo--HA!
aaaaand this is when she stepped in fire ants and we had to leave! It's never boring! :)
But at least someone was happy on the way home!

My loves.
Somebody cheered up when we let her wear her sunglasses on the way home!
Thankful for iPhones that keep them awake until we're home for nap time!
Zoo Day!!
I Love Them!!
She LOVED the giraffes!
Our preferred method of transportation--the wagon 
My joy!
Our Family!!