Friday, August 9, 2013

Trip to Branson

Every other summer, we get to go on a family vacation with GJ & Papa. We chose Branson this year because it wasn't too far of a drive (I don't really want to fly with 2 kids unless I have to!), and it is a family friendly town. We had an awesome time! We spent most of our days at the pool, but also went to one show ("The Dixie Stampede"), and Matt & I even had a date night! It's so nice to get away and spend quality time with family. Get ready for some pictures! :)

We survived the 7 hour car trip with games...
And of course, naps! :)
Our days consisted of play time.. 
Lots of pool time...

Games with GJ & Papa
iPad time...
And special one-on-one time. :)
We played at the park with GJ & Papa...

Saw butterflies for the first time...
Skipped rocks in the creek with Daddy... 
(Miss Mischievous) 
Will got his face painted for the 1st time... (a fire truck)
We even had a playground at our hotel!
We roasted S'mores (he was concentrating very hard)...
Played on more playgrounds...
(Typical brother/sister moment)

Played peek-a-boo...
And went to "The Dixie Stampede" show!
Visiting the horses before the show!
They were a little too pre-occupied with the show to look at the camera. :) 
Typical family photo!
Matt & I even had a date night--we played frisbee golf & went to a movie! :)
On our last night, we took the kids to Cakes & Creams--where Matt & I met for the first time! :)
Somebody loves ice cream!!
We ended the trip with a special treat for breakfast--doughnuts! :)
We were worn out from all the fun, but can't wait until our next family adventure!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

iPhone May Days

Since I take my iPhone everywhere with me (and I never have my "real" phone), I have photos throughout the month of memorable moments. Here are a few...
A sneek peek at the future rock star, perhaps??

Silly Girl at the park

Snuggling in mama's bed with the iPad

The Perot with Jama & Lila! (The best group photo we could get--ha!)

Pretend camping

Water table fun

Will & Lila's first car date--Caroline chaperoned. :)

All of her favorites: the rocking chair, baby doll, passy, blanket, and the grocery cart

"So big!!!!"

Last Day of Mother's Day Out 2013

I love looking at pictures from the first day of school, and the last day of school. It amazes me how much they change before my eyes and I hardly see it. It's easy to miss them growing up in the day-to-day. When you compare 9 months later, you really see them change and it reminds me to enjoy each day. These years will go by fast (even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it), and I will yearn for these days when they were so little...

Memorial Day

On to Memorial Day!!

We started a new tradition this year! Typically, we don't do much for Memorial Day, except maybe grill out with friends. This year, we were invited to join one of my best friends and her extended family for dinner and fireworks! Hooray for fireworks! This was the first time that Will & Caroline had experienced fireworks, up close and personal. We've seen them from a distance, but not close up. I wasn't sure how they would do, but they both loved it! Will was so excited, he kept telling everyone in our group (all 15 of us!) over and over, "the fireworks are coming! They will be loud. They will be green, and red, and blue, and purple". To say he was excited was an understatement. And when the big moment arrived, they both did great! For days, all we heard was, "fireworks coming tonight?"--he was ready for an encore!

Walking to the fireworks!

Me & Alathea

Curly Qs

Eating some fruit to pass the time

She was excited!

Still not a fan of the photos


Worn. Out.