Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Whew! What a crazy week! The Christmas parties started on Tuesday, and they kept coming until Saturday. We have had a fun week, celebrating the holidays with wonderful friends. The parties started on Tuesday with our community group. We decided to go to Buca di Peppo for a tasty meal (sans babies) and treated ourselves to yogurt afterward. It was a perfect way to kick off the holiday season--Matt and I really enjoyed a date night; it was complete with time spent with some of our favorite people (we missed you, Cayce & John!!)...
Lauren & Steve

Todd & Dana

Me & my love

The Group!

Next up was our playgroup Christmas party. Unfortunately, there were several mamas/babies who couldn't make it because of various reasons. But we loved celebrating with the friends who were able to make it! Nothing cuter than babies in Christmas outfits! :)
Will and one of his many girlfriends, Felicity
Santa (aka Gage) came to town!
Will's not a fan of the group photos, but everyone else loved it!
To end the week, we had two parties last night. The first was a birthday bash for Todd & Steve's 30th birthdays, and the second was a Christmas cocktail party at Ryan & Jama's. We were lucky enough that my parents visited this weekend, so they stayed home with Will while we had a night on the town. So fun!!
Date Night!!

The incredible cake that Dana MADE. You heard right....she made this bad boy. Awesome.

The girls: me, Lauren, Dana, Tara

Me & Tara

Lighting the cake

Happy Birthday!

Dana, Me & Kaleigh

Lauren, Dana, Me

The fellas: Ross, Doug, Jason, Matt

My faves: Jama & Mary
Can't believe that we only have 6 more sleeps before Santa comes! Will can't wait! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Tree

For as long as I can remember, my family has had the tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree. It was an event that I looked forward to all year long. I loved it so much, that Matt and I decided to keep this tradition going (minus the few years we were in an apartment). Once we bought our first house, I couldn't wait to put up a real tree! We found a great farm that wasn't too far away, and the tradition continued. With this year being Will's first Christmas, I was really looking forward to getting a tree with him too. Unfortunately, our little farm closed this year to grow new trees for next year, so we tried out a new one. It was amazing! Even though it was a little farther away than the old one (and by a little, I mean an all day event), it was worth it! We made friends with the owner, and I'll bet we'll see Frank again next year.  :)

Kadee Farms may be our new tradition!

Not only did they have Christmas trees, but they also had a petting zoo!

Obviously, Will loved it!

So cold!
All bundled up!
We found our tree!


The finished project!
I can't believe that there's only two more weeks until Christmas! Crazy! We're going to see Santa this afternoon, so stay tuned......Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I know what you're thinking.....Thanksgiving was a week ago! Why the late post? Well, between traveling to see family and going back to work this week, all three of us have managed to be sick. I had the stomach bug, I think Will has an ear infection, and Matt was exhausted to the point of feeling bad due to early morning work days. We are all feeling much better now, and I finally have a chance to document the holiday.

Did I mention that it was Will's first major holiday?! Sure, we celebrated Easter and the 4th of July, but those can't really compete with Thanksgiving/Christmas. We had a blast! We mostly spent time with family at my parents house. We had big plans to go shopping and see Christmas lights after Thanksgiving, but then the sickness hit and we ended up laying low. Matt, however, was able to go duck hunting and go to the Razorback game while I stayed home recovering with Will. Even though the visit didn't go according to plan, we had a great time celebrating with family. Will loved seeing his aunts/uncles/cousins, and of course his GJ & Popa. He enjoyed his holiday meal of oatmeal and Cheerios (while we devoured my mom's awesome cooking), and he loved watching all of the football games. He had a great first Thanksgiving!

Matt helped carve the turkey for the first time!
Will loved spending time with his Aunt Lizzie  :)

Me and Will

Will loved hanging out with the boys

Will and his sweet cousin Lauren

The "kids table"....a first of many to come

Rockin the Thanksgiving bib

Family pic

GJ & Popa with all the grankids! From L to R: Luke, Max, GJ, Popa, Michael, Lauren, Will, Cooper, and Carol Ann
I almost forgot the best part!! Guess who got his first tooth! That's right--Will got his very first toofer. All the credit goes to my sister. She discovered it while playing with him after the meal on Thanksgiving. We'll always remember the day he got his first tooth, since it was on a holiday! Guess that explains the fussiness lately....

On to December! Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner! :)