Sunday, March 18, 2012

On the mend...hopefully

We have been sick around here lately. Pass the tissues, stay in bed, get the Tylenol...sick. When the Emmons go down, we go down hard. The only one who has been spared is Matt--knock on wood!

It all started with me getting a fever virus a few weeks ago. It was so bad that I nearly fainted at the doctor's office. Then both babies caught colds, which led to the first round of ear infections for both (Caroline ran a scary 103 fever). Then I was lucky enough to catch pink eye right before I went out-of-town for a speech conference. Awesome. Glasses + no eye makeup + professional event = confidence. Right? :) So while I was at the conference, I came down with another ridiculous fever virus, only to pass it along to Will. So not only does he catch my virus, he gets ANOTHER ear infection, and the doctor said he also had a secondary infection--more than likely RSV (which landed us our first ER visit because he was wheezing so bad). He is doing much better now on antibiotics, but we still aren't through it yet. Caroline has a lingering cold that I'm suspecting is going to lead to her second round of ear infections--we're going to the doctor AGAIN if it isn't better tomorrow--and all three of us (Will, Caroline, me) have a annoying chest cough/congestion/runny nose that we just can't shake. I'm praying that it will go away & it's not just "seasonal allergies". I've never had allergies before, but I've heard of them developing after pregnancy. Crossing my fingers that we don't have an entire Spring filled with Kleenex & Claritin.

So that's how we spent our Spring Break around here--pretty sad, huh? We are back to school/work tomorrow, so let's hope we bounce back quickly!!

Even when she's sick, her little smile melts my heart

She's not quite sure what to think about her first time in the Exersaucer

Of course, big brother had to get in on the action

He's always wanting to give "C-C" some love--hence, the never ending cold being passed between the two. And he's so fast! I've done my best trying to keep them apart, but it's pretty much impossible when he loves his sister this much.

Someone is starting to feel better!

He loved our pretend "beach" for spring break  :)

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Monday, March 5, 2012

We've Got A Job To Do!

The Saturday after Will's birthday, we had a party at the park with some of our friends and family. We have been lucky that the weather has been mild enough in February to have his party outside for two years in a row! Will loves the Disney Jr. show "Handy Manny"--it's his absolute favorite. He loves the Latin music and all the tools--every time it comes on, he gets ridiculously excited. So Matt & I thought it would be the perfect theme for his party. We had lots of tools, construction jobs, and trucks to make any boy (or girl) happy. From the look on his face, I think he had a great time!  :)

The Invitation

I separated everything into 3 different stations to go along with the theme: "Clock In/Clock Out", "Work Zone" and "Break Time"

On the "Clock In/Clock Out" table, I had party favors for all the little ones: Construction Hats, Tool Belts, and of course Will's favorite candy--M&Ms

Will had a special birthday hat

Lila was the perfect model! :)
For the "Work Zone", there were lots of "jobs" to do: pretend toys, build with blocks, coloring sheets, and hammer & nails practice

Trying to figure out what to do first

Playing with tools

Lila was a great supervisor

Getting the job done!  I spray painted some styrofoam "bricks" and they used golf tees (thanks Dad!!) to work on their hammering skills.

The birthday boy!
We also had sand boxes to play with tools and trucks. Will loved playing with his friend, David.

Audree was working hard
"Break Time...Let's Eat!"

My first try at cupcakes was a success--thank you Martha Stewart (and my sweet friend, Dana, who let me borrow all of her baking gear)!

Awesome cupcake toppers that I got from a seller on Etsy--Will loved the pictures of all the tools!

Buttermilk Cupcakes + Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting = Yummy

The invitation

I didn't take pictures of all the food, but we had "wrecking balls" (oranges), "screws" (pretzel sticks), "blocks" (cheese), "gravel" (chocolate covered raisins), and of course Will's favorite cookies from the bakery (M&M). We used clean/empty paint cans and black serving trays to go along with the theme.

Everyone digging in
It's cake time! He did great with everyone singing to him, but was much more interested in the M&Ms than the cupcake. :)

Duke loved both!  :)
Caroline manned the gift table while looking pretty in her party clothes with Aunt BeBee
Everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather

We love Erin & Duke!

The Fitzhugh family minus Griffin--pretty sure Will & him were up to no good on the playground together!  :)


Playing with his new toys

Life with a 2-year-old

I love this precious boy
We love the Gregg family--aka, Will's future in-laws  :)
We love this crazy birthday boy!
The whole family relaxing at home after a fun afternoon. We love you, Will!