Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Recap

Where has the month of March gone? Between enjoying the weather outside, Spring Break in Arkansas, and cheering on my teams in the NCAA tournament, I have neglected the blog. So I thought I'd catch up through pictures--as I always do. :)

Here we go...
Spying on the neighbors with Lucy

Hanging out with sweet Henry Holt

Going down to Waco to celebrate Rene's birthday

Layla and baby Henry

The girls

For Spring Break, we visited GJ & Popa in Little Rock for a few days

Getting into trouble  :)

Playing with cousins

Having a picnic with my college roommates

Playing with Shannon

Hanging out with Jack Davis

Playgroup at the arboretum!!

The boys in plaid (Gage, Will, Thorsten)

Having Fun!

Exploring everything

Happy Boy!

Wrestling with Dad

Showing off my 3 top teeth
And what recap would be complete without a video? Here is a recent one of Will playing with his walker. I think he'll be walking all by himself in no time!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Party Time!

Will's first birthday was on February 23rd, and we had a celebration with family and friends last Saturday at the park. We had a wonderful time! It was a little cool and windy before the party started, but the sun came out after lunch and all the kids enjoyed playing at the park. Before I show you pictures of the party, let's back up and see how the actual birthday turned out...
The birthday boy didn't really like the bright lights and the camera first thing in the morning. He's a lot like his mama. :)
The Birthday Outfit

The Birthday Boy!!

Eating a yummy birthday breakfast

Celebrating at school with birthday bubbles

Will's first birthday cake--it was made at Matt's bakery! :)

Wasn't quite sure about the candle

Mr. Todd helped with the eating of the cake

I think we have a cake fan!
Happy Birthday, Will!!
Now on to the party! We had a great time! We had a "wagon" theme, and it was a huge success. My parents, Matt's mom, my sister and my niece all came in town for the celebration. We also had some of our closest friends come celebrate, as well as some of Will's friends from his play group. Will is so loved!!
The invitation
The cake!

My friend, Dana, helped decorate the cake. Isn't it precious?!

Yummy cupcakes
Everyone loved the old-fashioned coke-a-colas 

What's a party without chocolate?!

Water Bottles & The Birthday Book
The Birthday Book

Everyone signed it, so we can remember the party for years to come

Month-by-Month pictures

More Pictures

All the little ones loved the balloons

The birthday hat!
The party outfit
Let the fun begin!!

He LOVES his wagon!

The grand entrance with Popa, GJ and MiMi

More cousins!
Time for cake!

My favorite.

Even though I expected him to cry when everyone sang to him (he's a shy guy), he did great!! 

LOVED the candle

Eating his first cupcake

Y U M.

Sweet Becky

Erin & Duke came too!

Will and Jack are buddies

Aunt Barbara & Uncle Lantz

Play group friends, Ethan & Emry

We love Lauren & Steve!!

The Fitzhughs

More play group friends!

He LOVES the swing

Happy Boy!

Hangin out with Dad

Family Photo

The girls

Steve & Matt

It was my mom's birthday too! How fun to celebrate them both! 
Matt & his mom


One of my favorite memories: My sister gave him this scooter, and he absolutely LOVED it!! I have never seen him so excited!  :)

He also loved the balloons!

Happy Birthday!!
What a wonderful celebration! We love you, Will and are so blessed to have you as our son. I hope you had a happy birthday!!