Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Bears!!

Football season has started around our house, and being married to a loyal Baylor fan, we are in the football spirit! This is the 3rd year we have had season tickets, and we love to take a quick weekend trip to Waco to cheer on the Bears. It's a great excuse to spend time not only together in the car on the way down, but also with great friends. For the second year in a row, our community group (plus some other friends) have gone in together for a tailgate spot--it's so much fun! Unfortunately Matt has had to work most of the game days, so we've had to miss the pre-game tailgates. But, it's a great spot after the game to hang out until the traffic dies down. We decided not to take Will to the games--he's not the best traveler these days, all of the games have been night games, and I think it might be impossible for him to sit for such a long period of time (he just wants to run around & explore these days), so he's stayed home with a sitter while we have our "date nights". Even though we love spending time with him, it's been wonderful to have some time just the two of us--especially right before baby girl gets here.

Hands down, this has been the most exciting season yet! I just hope we can keep it up. So far, we are 3-0 (crazy!!), and we're ranked #14 (even more crazy!!). When Matt & I were at Baylor, to say the team wasn't very good is an understatement. It's really fun now that we've stuck with them through the years to see a winning team--the crowd is great and everyone is really excited about the winning streak. The best game this season (so far) has been our home opener against TCU. We were not expecting to do well--especially after the terrible game last year--but somehow we managed to win 50-48. We were ahead the entire game and almost lost it in the 4th quarter, but luckily we ended up on top. Sic 'Em!
The scoreboard: Baylor-50, TCU-48

Matt & Todd in disbelief
Students rushing the field while the band plays "That good ole Baylor Line"
Celebrating after the game: Becky, Rene, Candace, Katie, me
Last week was my last game to go to for this season. I'm going on 34 weeks, and with my history of having Will at 34 weeks and out-of-town, I'm a little nervous to hop in the car for any more trips. Even though she will more than likely go to full term and we still have 6 more weeks until her due date, I don't want to jinks it. Most of the games in October are away games anyway, except the one on our anniversary--and as much as I love the Bears, a football game isn't the most romantic way to celebrate 6 years of marriage. :)  So until baby girl gets here, we are not taking any more road trips and are going to stay put in Dallas. However, after she gets here, I have no doubt that my fanatical Baylor fan of a husband will still make it to a few games! :)
Dana & I at the game last Saturday--we're both getting close to meeting our baby girls! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Boy Room!!

Last night was a big night in the Emmons' household....Will slept in his big boy room for the first time! He did great! He was happy to be in his new room and fell asleep without crying within 15 min. He slept through the night and woke up right on time around 7:30, happy as could be. He's a champ! Right now he is taking his afternoon nap and has been asleep for two hours, so I'm hoping that last night wasn't a fluke. Let's cross our fingers that this is a smooth transition!

I mentioned earlier that I've been working around the house to get all the rooms (yes, plural) ready for baby girl. The reason that I had to re-do multiple rooms was because we changed the play room to Will's room, the office to the play room, move the office furniture to our bedroom, and Will's room to baby girl's room. Follow that? :) I'll do a later post on the other rooms, but I wanted to show you Will's new room first. I didn't really do a theme--I just wanted it to look "boyish", so I stayed with the red/blue color scheme. It turned out that his monkeys followed him to the new room--so there's a mixture of cars, airplanes, trucks, and monkeys everywhere... :)

The "before" picture. This was actually taken when we first moved in and didn't have babies yet. It was a "catch-all" room that turned into a playroom when Will was born. I don't have a picture of it as a playroom, but just imagine this with toys everywhere and you've got it.

The "after" picture...Will's big boy bed! We aren't quite ready for this transition yet, but it's there when he's ready.  We've decided to keep him in his crib until the transition with the new baby is over. One less thing to worry about! I'm going to be up in the middle of the night with baby girl, and the last thing I need is for Will to keep me awake too! We'll probably make this transition closer to his second birthday, when baby girl is sleeping through the night (hopefully!!) and needs the crib in her room. I didn't put anything on the wall next to the bed, just because I know whatever I put there will probably come down when he starts sleeping there.  :)

Walking in...
The beautiful painting that Will's cousin, Carol Ann, gave him for his first birthday

This is what you see after you walk in the door. It's a long and skinny room, so I can't get it all in one shot...

We still have a rocking chair for bedtime stories

His month-by-month pictures from birth to his first birthday

His dresser

A space to play

I had to take a few pictures right as he was going to sleep. He seemed to really like the room & was a happy bear!

You can see his shadow box of NICU memories and his birth announcement in the corner...

Hooray for the big boy room!!
And so of course, I had to take his picture when I walked in this morning!
A HUGE thank-you to my parents and my sister who contributed almost everything to his new room. From the dresser, to the bookshelf, to the bed, to the toy bins.....You guys are awesome! We think of you everytime we're in there!  :)

Can't wait to show you baby girl's room & the playroom!

Monday, September 19, 2011

32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32.5 weeks

Size of baby: 4.5 pounds; 19 inches   (like a honeydew)

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes, but I'm still loving dresses. Today was the coolest day we've had in a while, so I was happy to wear my jeans. Definitely looking forward to wearing some of my Fall maternity clothes in the next few weeks.

Gender: A sweet baby girl! We finally decided on a name, but I'll keep you in suspense until a later post. :)

Movement: She is still a mover & a shaker! I can tell that she doesn't have as much room now, but I still feel her the most right at bedtime.

Sleep: Sleep is still hard, but I'm used to it by now. I've developed Restless Leg Syndrome, which is awesome, so that's made it even harder to fall asleep. I've completely cut out caffeine and I put a heating pad on my calves before I go to sleep, and both of those things have seemed to help. Once I do fall asleep I'm good for a couple of hours until I need to go to the bathroom and the cycle starts all over again. I think I've adjusted to only getting about 5-6 hours of sleep, so I'm fine most days. On days that I'm cranky, I try to rest during Will's nap time.

Symptoms: The typical 3rd trimester lovelies--fatigue, heartburn, shortness of breath, and leg cramps at night (to go along with the RLS).

What I miss: A full night's sleep--even though that probably won't happen for a while!  :)

Cravings: Cold apples and ice--really loving ice these days, crazy I know.

Best Moment this week: Getting both Will & baby girl's rooms ready!! Yay!! Since I was completely unprepared when Will came, I really wanted to have things ready by 33 weeks just in case she decides to come early like her big brother did. I'm so glad that I reached my goal--I don't feel stressed at all about it now. Other than a rug & some knick-knacks, everything else is in place. I'll do a post about them later...

What I am looking forward to: Now that the rooms are ready, I can organize their closets and buy the last few things we need for baby girl--fun clothes, a new boppy cover, bedsheets, etc... More than anything, we are really getting excited to meet this sweet little girl!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun in San Antone

I know I've neglected the bog for a while, but with good reason--I went back to work at The Rise School (still part time; 16 hours/week), Will started back at Mother's Day Out, and I've been working like a crazy lady to get this house ready for baby girl (more on that later). But hopefully in the next few posts I'll be able to catch up on what's been happening around here lately....

After we visited family in Little Rock, we took a quick visit to San Antonio to see more family! Matt's brother, Randy, and his family--Jessica, Jackson, and Lula-- were visiting from Germany for a short time, so we went to see them while they were here. The last time they were in San Antonio was when Will was born, so we were excited to see them! It was a fun trip full of yummy food, quality time with family, and lots of fun...

What's a trip to San Antonio without delicious Mexican food?! Someone really loves queso!
Playing with Uncle Randy

Lovin' the fountain

One of his most favorite things to do...
MiMi's wind chimes are always a hit

Will's cousin, Jackson, was so sweet the entire trip. He played with Will in the backyard everyday and Will copied his every move.  :)
The girls! MiMi had the family over for dinner, and we had a great time seeing everyone.
Playing with Aunt Trish  (you might start to see a common theme--the iPhone dictates who his friends are)

My beautiful neices--Elise and Gracie
What would a family gathering be without a water balloon fight?! :)

Someone loves his MiMi!!
Right before we jumped in the car to head back to Dallas, we ate one last meal at Cris Madrid's. Aunt Rebecca & family came from Austin to visit, and we loved seeing her and her sweet family.

Fast friends with uncle Steve!

See the common theme? The iPhone is very motivating! :)
We had a great time seeing everyone, and we miss the Tankersleys already. Now if only we can work on getting them back here in Texas.....maybe someday soon. :)