Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We were able to spend time with my family in Arkansas the weekend before the holiday, and Matt's mom came to visit the weekend after. I had a lot of time driving in the car by myself over the last week, and I was really able to reflect on what I am thankful for. I feel as though I need to have an attitude of thankfulness all year round, but there is something to be said for setting a day aside each year to pause and be thankful.

Here is the short list of things I am grateful for (in no particular order): my Savior/Creator/Sustainer--I am reminded daily that I need Jesus in my life; especially in this season of young children. If I had to use one description of the Lord right now, He is my Shepherd. I am thankful for my loving husband--the way he puts our family first and how he serves us. I am thankful for my precious children--that they are happy and healthy. I am thankful for my family--both my own family and my in-laws. I am thankful for a job that is flexible--that I am able to continue to do what I love professionally, but keep my family first. I could go on and on about what I am thankful for--the Lord has blessed us immensely. But, I want to also want to remember our holiday this year through pictures, so here we go...
We started the holiday week off with a trip to Arkansas 
While we were there, we got a grandkids photo with GJ & Popa
Caroline had a lot of fun with her cousin, Carol Ann!
Partners in crime  :)
Caroline is cruising on everything! She'll be walking before we know it!
Will had fun eating breakfast with Popa every morning
Special memories...

While I was there, I was able to go to the wedding of one of my dearest friends from college--Jennifer Chalker and Rhett Peirce. It was beautiful!
After the drive back to Dallas, we had a day at home before going to Tyler on Thanksgiving to celebrate with MiMi and Pop's family
Our pre-lunch entertainment!
MiMi and Uncle Pat were impressed with Will's clarinet playing.  :)
A little 4-wheeler fun after lunch

Caroline loved playing with her Aunt Lisa
And Will loved playing with MiMi!
Her favorite game is peek-a-boo!
Showing off her turkey shirt  :)
Will loved the "motorcycle"  (aka 4-wheeler) and the "big red truck"!
Cruising on Daddy
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Recap

This was the first year that we really got into Halloween with the babies. Up until this year, Will--and Caroline too for that matter!--have just been too young to understand costumes and trick-or-treating. And to be honest, it's not my favorite "holiday". Not that I'm against it--I just don't like the scary side of things. Never have. One of my friends posted on Facebook that "Halloween is an opportunity to  connect with friends/family/community", and I liked that idea. We were able to go to a friend's costume party, attend a church festival with a buddy of Will's, and we trick-or-treated for the first time as a family. And I have to was all really fun. For someone who isn't too keen on Halloween, I sure enjoyed it!  :)

Oh--and you won't see too many pictures of Will for a couple of reasons: 
1. He absolutely REFUSED to wear his costume (he was a puppy dog). He wore the jacket for the party but didn't put the hood on, and I couldn't get him to wear the jacket on Halloween.
2. He is a beast in front of the camera. The second he sees it, he immediately starts throwing a fit. Fun.

My sweet little bumblebee

At least she will take pictures for me! :)

The girls: Me, Caroline (Bumblebee), Dana, Allie (Dalmatian)
The best group photo we could get  :) 
Allie & Caroline
I caught a smile! He loved playing "go fish".  :)
The night before Halloween, we carved our first ever Jack-O-Lantern. Someone was excited!!
Carving the pumpkin with Daddy
He loved giving the pumpkin the eyes, nose and mouth
So fun!
The finished product--not too shabby! :)
On Halloween night, we went trick-or-treating with our community group from church, as well as Will's best buddy Tyler. 
The best group shot we could get! From L to R: Allie (Dalmation), Caroline (Bumblebee), Carter (Fireman), Elliott (Pumpkin), Tyler (Mickey Mouse), Will (Puppy Dog--sort of.)
The 3 Amigos--They are all a little camera shy!  :)
Boys having fun!
Carter is so sweet to Caroline--especially with protective big brother watching! :)
The wagon was a big hit

Daddy's girl

Even though he wasn't too keen on the costume, Will LOVED ringing the doorbell! He ran from house to house--most of the time leading the way! He was also a master at getting the most candy possible--even though he doesn't really like to eat it! :)
"Trick or Treat!!"
Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We have had so much fun going to the pumpkin patch this Fall! First, we went to Owens Farm with some of our friends--it was great! We picked out pumpkins, played in the hay, fed animals and had a picnic lunch. The best part about this farm is that it is only about 5 min away from our house! :)
Sweet friends, being silly!

He is getting so big!

Carter & Will loved riding the train

My precious girl

Sweet girls!
Picking out our pumpkins

Keeping an eye on their brothers...
We had so much fun!
The next week, we decided to brave the Dallas Arboretum. The weather was beautiful so we were expecting it to be busy, but my goodness--it was crazy! Even though it was the busiest we have ever seen the Arboretum, we had a great time at the Pumpkin Village.

Somebody loves her Daddy...  :)
Our best attempt at a family photo...

HA! Wishful Thinking!  :)