Monday, January 28, 2013

A Weekend to Remember

Last weekend was Matt's birthday! We had so much fun! His birthday actually fell on a Saturday, so we were able to spend the whole weekend celebrating. My parents were sweet enough to come stay with us for the weekend and babysit on Friday, so Matt & I could have a date night. Little did he know, I had a few birthday surprises up my sleeve...

Surprise! We had dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse! We had been there for desert, but not dinner, so we were both really excited to try it out! It was delicious!
Of corse, we got their famous Table Side S'mores! Awesome!
Toasting the marshmallows
Another surprise! We went to play at Top Golf after dinner! Matt had never been, and I had only been one time (a long time ago!), so it was a fun experience for us both.
I almost look professional. Thank you Baylor Golf 101 my Senior year. :)
Happy Birthday!!
The next day, we were spontaneous and had some fun at Dave & Busters. It was awesome! We felt like kids, playing all of our favorite games!

Another surprise! I booked Matt a "float" that afternoon. Think a massage, but in a pool of water. He thought it was pretty sweet. It's hard to explain, so here is the web site if you're curious-- The Float Spot
And my last surprise....a cookie cake! 
We noticed later that the cake said "Happy Birthday Mact"! Ha! 

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Matt & his mini-me

Blowing Out the candle

I know I say this every year, but I am so thankful that Matt was born and that he is my partner in life. As the babies get older, I see more and more what an amazing father he is. He is honestly my best friend--we have so much fun together! He makes me laugh harder than anyone I've ever known; he makes me feel loved and beautiful every day, and he has never stopped pursuing me--even after 7 years of marriage. More than anything, I see his desire to know and pursue the Lord with everything he says and does. Happy Birthday, Matt!! I love you!!

Look who's Walking!!

Caroline took her first steps at the beginning of January, and she hasn't looked back since! She waited until she was 15 mths old (just like her brother!) to make sure she wouldn't fall, and now she's almost running! I can't believe I officially have two toddlers running around. Crazy! Watch out she comes!! :)

Happy New Year!!

We got home from Arkansas just in time to continue the tradition of celebrating New Years Eve with the Gregg family. We had so much fun! They even stayed the night at our house so we could stay up until midnight to ring in the new year (and the babies could still go to bed at a decent hour). From making homemade pizza to playing card games, it was a celebration!

Jama & Lila
Our yummy homemade pizza
Lila & Will having a date at their table  :)
We made family "music videos" as Elves. Hilarious.
The whole gang (minus the photographer, of corse)
We even had sparkling juice for Lila and Will to toast & celebrate!
Happy New Year!!
Playing games--awesome.
Be still, my heart. Love starts early! :)

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012: Year in Review

Last year I started the tradition of doing a "year in review" post with pictures. It's so much fun to look back through the year, I wanted to keep it going. So without further ado, here is a look back on 2012 with the Emmons Family!
Will and Caroline had a lot of fun playtime together--the best of friends!
We celebrated Matt's birthday by going to the Civil Wars concert

February was a busy month! We celebrated Valentine's Day...
Will slept in his big boy bed for the first time (success!!)...
And Will turned 2 years old! We celebrated with a party at the park!

We had a lot of sickness at the Emmons' house, but we survived! This was Caroline's first time in the exersaucer! :)

Hooray for April! Caroline was officially through the colic stage and was so happy! 
We celebrated Easter at the Tramonte's with an Easter Egg Hunt
And MiMi came to visit Easter weekend! 
We celebrated my birthday in style at the Arboretum

Will got his first hair cut 
And we celebrated Mother's Day

Matt & I took our first vacation sans babies to Branson, MO

We celebrated July 4th with a cookout with the Greggs
Starting to sit up on her own!

We took a trip to the beach with Mimi

We visited GJ & Papa in Little Rock

We went back to work/school

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary
Caroline had her first birthday!
We went to the Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival
We had fun on Halloween!


We had fun at the Arboretum Pumpkin Patch

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Mimi in Tyler

GJ & Papa with all their grandchildren
We continued the tradition of a real Christmas tree!
Will had his first stage performance, and he didn't have any stage fright!
We met Santa!
Our Christmas Card
Happy New Year!!