Thursday, January 27, 2011


As promised, here is the long awaited post about our trip to Europe. Some of you know the details, but if I ever make this blog into a memory book, I'd like to recount as many details as I can...

Matt and I love to travel together, but that's not the primary reason that we go to Europe. We have traveled over the holidays for the last two years to visit Matt's brother, Randy, and his family (Jessica, Jackson and Lula). This year, we were lucky enough for Bev (Matt's mom) and Sandy (a close family friend) to meet us across the pond. We started the journey on New Year's Eve--the first time we've ever traveled on the actual holiday--and Will did great on the plane. Unfortunately he didn't want to sleep, but he was happy for almost the entire 9 hour flight. This year we flew directly into Frankfurt, Germany and spent the night at Randy's house. It was really neat to see their house and get a glimpse of daily life. We celebrated the new year by playing with cousins, and eating traditional German sausages with great wine.
Will loved playing with Jackson and Lula
The next day, we jumped in the car and drove through Switzerland to our final destination in Chatel, France. We rented a fabulous chalet and were pleasantly surprised by how much room we had and how nice it was. It was three stories--the bottom floor had a kitchen/movie room/kids room/adult room; perfect for Randy's family--the second floor was the main living area--the third floor had 3 more bedrooms/3 bathrooms. Will was set up in a pack-and-play in the upstairs bathroom, which was perfect because it was dark and insulated. :)

Will was once again, a great traveler! He especially loved his pink car seat--thanks for sharing, Lula! :)

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the chalet, but here we are lounging by the fire.
And here we are, playing in the snow outside the chalet! :)
The city of Chatel was absolutely beautiful--just as I remembered it. Narrow and winding roads, small boutiques, quaint restaurants, and a gorgeous view of the mountains. We had a wonderful day in the city shopping, eating delicious crepes, and walking around the town.

Notice the mountains behind us? Beautiful!
The Creperie 

Like Father, Like Son
Will seemed to like the French food--especially the baguettes, croissants and cheese  

The streets of Chatel

Don't mind Will's face--he's happy, I promise :)

We love the Tankersleys!!

When we weren't in the chalet or exploring the town, we spent several days skiing. Now, Matt and I are far from professional skiers, but we do enjoy the scenery and the sport. There is one skiing story that I'll never forget that involved night skiing by myself, in the rain, down a red slope (the equivalent of an American black). I don't think I need to blog about it to remember the experience--it's etched in my mind forever; no pictures needed. If I ever share a cup of coffee with you someday, remind me and I'll relive the experience first hand. Otherwise, here are some pictures from the wonderful experiences we had skiing during the day... :)
View from the ski lift

It was like a postcard!
Getting ready to conquer the mountains

View from the top
Self Portrait :)
On our second day of skiing, Bev brought Will to us at the slopes and we were able to all have lunch together and experience one of our anticipated traditions--Raclette. Last year, our friend Simon introduced us to Raclette and we've been looking forward to it ever since we started planning the trip! Basically, think of a wheel of yummy cheese that is cut in half. Then, you put the cheese on this crazy contraption that melts the top layer. You scrape of the melted cheese (think Fondue) and eat it with all sorts of breads/meats/potatoes. It was just as I remembered--absolutely delicious!! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
Family picture at the top of the ski lift




Hanging out with Mimi at the ski lodge
Even though we had a fantastic time, we were ready to get home. Will didn't sleep through the night for the entire trip--I blame the time change--so to say the least, we were ready to get back to his daily routine and get some much needed sleep. Even though it was different than last year, it was honestly one of the most fun vacations I've ever had. Having Will there made it so much more fun. Thank you for hosting, Tankersleys! We can't wait to see you again soon!!

One last picture of the cousins with Mimi

Will learned how to watch movies on the 11 hour plane flight home
Happy to be home!

My favorite memory from the trip....
The boys
Au revoir!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matt's Birthday

Last week, we celebrated Matt's 31st birthday. I joked with him that he's now officially IN his thirties--he didn't really think that was funny. :)  Anyway, we had a great time celebrating what an incredible husband/father/friend Matt is. I don't know what I would do without him--he's the most fantastic man in the world. I'm so lucky that I'm his bride. :)

The day before Matt's birthday, we were both off from work so we decided to have a "family birthday celebration". The weather was amazing, so I surprised Matt and took him here...

We had so much fun! I took Will to the Dallas Zoo when he was an infant, but this time was so much more enjoyable. He really liked looking at the animals that were close to him--especially the flamingos and the fish. I think he'll like the other animals when he gets older--he just didn't really care about them on this trip since they were far away.
The Birthday Boy

My love

Hangin out with Dad

Lovin the flamingos

One of my faves


Lovin the fish
After our family date to the zoo, I took Matt here for lunch...
The Love Shack is one of Matt's favorite burger places, but we don't get to go there often because it's so far away. You may of heard of the owner/chef--Tim Love. He's been featured on The Food Network, and he's been on Top Chef Masters. We ate at his nicer restaurant--"The Lonesome Dove" for our anniversary a few years back, and we always enjoy his food. What a treat!!
Family Lunch Date

Hangin out by the fire
I love you Cheerios!
The next day was Matt's actual birthday. Unfortunately we both had to work, but we celebrated that night with friends. We were lucky to have my aunt come to our house to watch Will, and we had a fun date night! We started off the evening by going to a movie (True Grit), and ended the night with yummy food. I took Matt to one of his other favorite places--Eno's Pizza Tavern--and we followed it up with delicious cookie ice cream sandwiches from Pokey O's. We loved having a night on the town, and had a great time with some of our favorite friends.

Steve & Lauren

Happy Birthday!

Todd & Dana

The whole crew--we didn't get the memo about wearing white. And yes, that might be the most awkward hand-holding of all time. Perfect for the old couple of the group.
Happy Birthday, Matt! We had so much fun celebrating how great you are! Hope this is the best year yet! We love you!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What We've Been Up To....

I know it's been a while since my last post, but it's been with good reason. We have been extremely busy...
Celebrating Will's first Christmas

Opening Presents

Playing with our new toys

Spending time with family in Little Rock

Riding the train at DFW

Flying to Germany

Celebrating the new year with cousins

Driving to France

Skiing in the French Alps

Enjoying God's beautiful creation

Spending time with MiMi

Walking the streets of Chatel, France

Hanging out with family

Relaxing by the fire

Eating yummy French food

Playing in the snow

Most of all, enjoying quality time as a family
We have had a whirlwind past few weeks! Once we catch our breath and conquer the jet lag (I've been asleep by 8:00 the past two nights!!), I'll write a post about our trip. Until then, Happy New Year!!