Monday, March 25, 2013

As Promised...

Here are the videos of Will on his new motorcycle! :)

Will was a little nervous to ride it, so Caroline showed him how to do it (with Daddy's help!)...

Will got a little courage, so here he goes!

And he's off!

Now, he's a pro!! (He still thinks it's funny to "crash")
Thanks for the awesome birthday gift, GJ! We've had a lot of laughs around here from it! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Years Old!

I can't believe Will is three years old. It seems like just yesterday he was born, but it also feels like he's always been a part of our little family. We had so much fun celebrating him with friends and family!

The celebration began at school--I sent some cookies from Matt's bakery so they could have a little party for Will at school. I think they all had fun!

The party continued on Saturday (Will's actual birthday) with a visit from Mimi and GJ & Popa for the weekend! Will was so excited! We even let him open up the family presents before the party to celebrate! He was excited to get lots of new cars, and he even got his own motorcycle (videos to come)! :)

Then it was party time! We decided to keep it small and simple this year, since Will seems to enjoy smaller groups. A February birthday can be tricky with the weather--we've been lucky to have his party outside at the park the last two years--so we had it inside this year, just to be safe. Good thing we did! The weather ended up being cold and rainy that day. There is a new gymnastics center just down the street, so I thought that would be the perfect place to celebrate. I was right! Will and his friends had so much fun! We rented out the gym so they could have full reign to run, jump and play. We also had a wonderful teacher who helped guide and direct us....well as much as you can with 10 toddlers! :)

I decided to decorate the party room with a "cars" theme--stoplight plates, checkered flags and red balloons! I don't think there is any other boy in the world who loves cars as much as Will does. He thought it was awesome!

Will's awesome "hot wheels" birthday shirt that Dana made for him!  :)

Let the playtime begin! Everyone had so much fun jumping on the trampoline, running into the foam pit, playing with the parachute, and completing the obstacle course!

Our sweet teacher, giving us instructions


Even Caroline had fun jumping!

He was a pro!

Tyler & Will loved the foam pit

MiMi & Caroline

Obstacle Course

The 3 Amigos: Will, Carter, Tyler

Jasper & Allie flirting with the hula hoops  :)

Olympic Rings?

Caroline loved the obstacle course too!


Daddy & CC
 Singing "Happy Birthday to You"...

I think he liked the cookies and cupcakes! :)

She did too!

Focused on the cars

Will and his girlfriend, Lila Gregg
Sad that the party was over. :(

The whole crew!

Our sweet little family

Happy 3rd Birthday, Will! We love you!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Preschool Open House

We had open house last week at Will & Caroline's preschool! We had so much fun looking at all of their accomplishments, and we were able to meet their teachers for next year--which is crazy to start thinking about. The staff works hard to make the night special. They always have a different theme (this year was, "Look at how much we've bloomed!") and they put on a great show. Next year, Will is going to be old enough to be in the entire performance, but this year he was only in two songs. I was lucky enough to sit on the front row--which was interesting since Caroline wanted to steal the show!--and I got some great videos of Will with his buddies...

He did great! It always surprises me that he enjoys performing, since he is typically so shy and reserved until he's comfortable. But, as you can see, he loved it! The boy loves music!! :)