Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movie Night

Cars are very popular at our house these days. Big ones, little ones. Trucks, tractors. Green ones, blue ones. Fast ones, slow ones. It really doesn't matter. If it has 4 wheels, it's a "car" (no matter how many times we try to teach him "truck") and Will loves them all.
This is the typical scene at our house--Will loves to drive the cars all over the house (especially on window ledges), and he has perfected the "vroom" that goes along with it. My favorite is when he pretends the cars talk to each other and says, "whatcha doing blue car? You ok red car?". Adorable, I tell ya.

Since he loves cars so much, we thought it would be fun to watch the Disney movie "Cars" with him. Boy, were we right! He was in heaven! We decided to make it a big deal--it was his first real movie to watch, so we had a "pizza & movie night" with him after Caroline went to sleep. We had a blast spending one-on-one time with him. We were amazed that he stayed awake and watched every minute. Now every time we sit on the couches in the living room, he says "cars, cars, cars?" hoping to watch it again. :)
Not quite sure what's going on yet, but excited to find out! (I don't remember why we were just rockin' the diaper--maybe because we didn't want to get pizza on his pjs? We'll go with that. Also, this was pre-hair cut...)
In love.
"What?! We get pizza too!!"
Lovin' the cheese bread
Hands down, it was one of the most fun nights we've had with Will. I love making memories with that guy. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First & Last Days

This past Wednesday was the last day of "school" for Will & Caroline. It has gone by so fast! A lot has happened during this school year--Caroline was born and Will turned into a toddler. I thought it would be fun to compare pictures from the first day of school to the last. You can see for yourself how much they have both grown...

Crazy, isn't it!! We are looking forward to our summer break--vacation, pool time, cooking out, and time with friends & family. Bring on the heat! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The First Haircut

It finally happened. Will got his first haircut.

I was dreading this day because I was afraid that the curls would be lost forever. I let it grow longer than I probably should have because I love his curls so much. I couldn't really imagine Will without his curls. So I waited.....and waited......and waited. Until it was getting to be a little obnoxious. I mean, he was starting to look like a mad scientist and I was brushing his hair at least 3x/day to keep it under control. So the day came just as it does when I'm ready to get my hair cut--no appointment; I just wake up and it has to be cut that day. Lucky for us, I found a great place for kids that was reasonably priced with an open appointment. I took a million "before" pictures in case the curls were to be lost forever, but I shouldn't have worried--he is still a curly top little guy. Thank goodness.  :)

Sweet smiles before 

The awesome curls

"We're going to do WHAT?!"
Here we go!

Where it all went down

He got very nervous when she put the smock on, but once she turned on the TV & gave him a sucker, all was well. Thank heavens for lollipops! :)

The cheering section

Doing great!

It was a great set up

Mommy was so proud! Will was a little preoccupied with the TV.  :)

Almost done...

Lookin' Good! He looks so old now! 

Still curly! YAY!!

We started a new tradition of celebrating the first haircut with dinner and ice cream--it was Caroline's first time in a restaurant's high chair!

So. Serious.

Sweetest daddy on the planet


My toddler.

She didn't want to get left out of the action

Mommy & CC

We love the new haircut!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Last Sunday was Mothers Day. It was a relaxing and fun day with both of my little ones. I can't believe that this is my 3rd year to celebrate mothers day--I am blessed beyond words for these two babies that I get to call my own. These last few weeks I have walked with a dear friend through one of the hardest experiences in life. It has made me hug these two precious children a little tighter and a little longer--Mother's Day meant more to me this year than it ever has before.

The day started out with this little guy making me breakfast with Matt while I had some uninterrupted cuddle time with Caroline...

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw these beautiful flowers that were freshly picked from our backyard...

And then I got to have lunch with these guys while Matt went to work for a few hours...

All I really wanted for mothers day was a picture with my little ones, so we had a little photo shoot in the front yard...
She wasn't really excited at first...

But then she warmed up to the idea. :)

Someone was a little moody and didn't want his picture taken  :)

The best we could do with a fiesty toddler!  :)
While we were outside, Caroline rode in the swing for the first time--she loved it!!

Will loved pushing her! He's our big helper these days.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating your moms. Now that I'm a mother, I am blown away at the sacrifice and love my mom has shown me over the years. I am thankful that she is not only my mentor, but also my friend. I can't wait for Caroline to grow up to experience the unique relationship between us as a daughter/mom. I love you, mom!!