Monday, July 2, 2012

My love

I know I promised a summer update, but this is what I've really loved doing the past few weeks...

I sit here in the dark as my precious girl falls asleep in my arms for the hundredth time, and I'm reminded of what a gift she is. This season (crazy as it may be at times!!) is short and I want to cherish each moment. So lately, I've been rocking her a little longer each night, snuggling more often and trying to etch every detail of her sweet baby face into my memory so I don't forget even one tiny detail. I am in awe of this gift the Lord has given me, and I am overwhelmed at the task of raising a woman who fiercely loves the Lord. Dishes and laundry are calling my name, but for now, I will ignore the mundane household tasks and I will hold her in my arms as we rock back-and-forth in the dark silence...cherishing each and every second.

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